Scenes From New York: Facebook

[Interior. Subway Car.]

[Justin is on the N Train. It is the morning commute. It is crowded, but not as bad as it could be.]

[The train stops. The doors open. People push their way onto the car.]

[A man in a navy suit is the last to get on. He’s not paying attention to the train, but rather his phone. Based on the color palette – it’s clear he’s on Facebook.]

[The doors begin to close. His phone is not in the clear. Justin and the woman next to him see this.]

Woman: He’s going to lose that phone.

Justin: Yes. Yes, he is.

[The doors close. His phone doesn’t make it. The man, panicked, screams.]

Justin: You called it.

Woman: That’s why I still have a flip-phone. You can’t get Facebook on a flip-phone.

[End Scene.]